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Alternative strategy to outsourcing benefits

AspireHR Cloud Benefits is for SAP SuccessFactors customers that prefer to self-administer benefits. These companies need a modern, mobile benefits communications and enrollment solution that can also integrate seamlessly with SAP ECC Payroll or Employee Central Payroll.


Eliminates data security and integration concerns

AspireHR Cloud Benefits delivers seamless real-time integration for SAP SuccessFactors on premise, hybrid, and full cloud deployment models. This covers SSO, user navigation, business processes, security, and employee data.


Intuitive employee enrollment experience

AspireHR Cloud Benefits is developed with SAP Ul5 that aligns with the latest SAP and SuccessFactors user experience and supports mobile, tablet, and PC users. Employer benefits program communications to employees are comprehensive and effective with configurable text, images, links, and videos with customer branding.


Administrator Dashboard

Rapid Deployment

AspireHR Cloud Benefits is a certified SAP solution that can be deployed quickly to complement existing SAP Benefits systems, thereby shrinking the time to value and avoiding the effort and expense of migrating to a new benefits solution.


Flexible deployment architecture

AspireHR Cloud Benefits can be deployed on the client’s choice of platform including HANA Cloud Platform, public and private clouds, and the SAP Fiori LaunchPad.

Minimize losses from leakage

Minimize losses from “Benefits leakage”

For many customers, AspireHR Cloud Benefits reduces the cost to administer benefit programs by eliminating ineligible benefits enrollments and missing benefits deductions through tight integration with SAP ECC Payroll and Employee Central Payroll.

financial savings

Reduces benefits administration transaction costs

By improving communication to employees and their user experience, benefits transaction costs are reduced because employee inquiries and enrollment errors are minimized.

benefits support

Complete benefits program support

Support for complex US and Canadian benefits programs and plans is offered as part of the SAP SuccessFactors experience including open enrollment, any time, and qualifying events.

Provider, Payroll, and COBRA Integration

Accelerates vendor integration

AspireHR Cloud Benefits complements our Employee Reporter. Together, they act to rapidly integrate SAP Benefits to external vendors.

data security

Eliminates data security concerns

Customer’s sensitive data is secure because it is not replicated and communication is protected using SAP Cloud Connect.

View an extended demonstration of Cloud Benefits:


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