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Example Reports

Latest Reports NEW

Payroll Headcount
Payroll cost allocation by Cost Center
Payroll cost allocation by Tax Authority
Payroll cost allocation by Org Unit
Employee Position Details
# Employee Qualification list
Employee Job Details
Employee Position and HR Master Data Matchup
Employee Position Salary Matchup Audit

HR Metrics

Current Headcount
Current Headcount FTE
Current Headcount EEO Demographics
Headcount Trend (Monthly, Annually)
Headcount FTE Trend (Monthly, Annually)
Headcount EEO Demographic Trend
(Monthly, Annually)
# Hiring Trend (Monthly, Annually)
Termination Trend (Monthly, Annually)
Promotion Trend (Monthly, Annually)
LOA Trend (Monthly, Annually)
Compensation Trend (Monthly, Annually)

HR Reports

New Hire Report
Turnover Report
Promotion Report
LOA Report
Date Specification (Infotype 41)
Employee with EEO Job and Position Info Report
Employee EEO Demographic with Paycheck Report
# HR Master Data Change report
(Current period & Retroactive periods)
Employee Supervisor/Chief
Employer Costs by Chief
Total Planned Employee Compensation Report
Total Actual Employee Compensation Report
Employee Qualification list


HR Master Data & Paycheck Reconciliation
Gross-to-Net payroll register
Union reporting
Deduction & Arrears Report
Employee Master Data with Pay Results
Garnishment Setup & Payroll Deduction Reconciliation
# Vacation Liability Report
FICA Reconciliation
Employee Tax Payment Auditor
Payroll cost allocation by Cost Center
Payroll cost allocation by Tax Authority
Payroll cost allocation by Org Unit
Payroll Headcount (payroll data based)


Benefit Census
Benefit plan enrollment cost & payroll deduction Reconciliation
FSA & payroll deduction Reconciliation
Benefit plan Opt-out & Un-enrolled Reconciliation
401K Match Report
401K Discrimination Testing Report
# Benefit Participation (single row per employee) Report
LOA with Employee Pay and Arrears Report
Employer Benefit Costs
(Combined current period, MTD, QTD & YTD) Report
Benefit Eligibility (Actual Hours/Pay) Audit
Dependents Over Age Audit

Time Management

Perfect attendance Report
Overtime Trend Report (Daily, Monthly)
Productive Hours Trend Report (Daily, Monthly)
# Paid Leave Trend Report (Daily, Monthly)
Unpaid Leave Trend Report (Daily, Monthly)
Absence/Attendance Report


For the full list of pre-delivered reports provided with Employee Reporter, please contact sales@aspirehr.com.