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blue_icons_46x46_sap Native to SAP HR/Payroll

Employee Reporter is a real time SAP HR/Payroll reporting and interface solution that combines Personnel Administration, Org. Management, Benefits, Time, Payroll, and Tax data.


Library of 100+ Report Templates

Streamlines the HR report building process with 100+ pre-written reports across all areas of HR and Payroll. These reports can be used out-of-the-box or modified to suit your needs.


Solve Complex External & Internal Interfaces Needs

Allows rapid creation of complex, multi-record interfaces for benefits, talent management, outsourced payroll vendors and SaaS systems.

Create and Maintain Multi-Record Interfaces

Financial and Time Savings

Employee Reporter saves time and increases accuracy by eliminating the need to merge together multiple reports outside SAP. It reduces the effort required to create interfaces to external vendors and internal systems by 90% by eliminating ABAP programming.

Create and Maintain Multi-Record Interfaces

Include Any SAP Data or Configuration

The “Lookup” feature in Employee Reporter allows you to combine SAP configuration tables, client-specific configuration tables and data tables, and non-HR SAP data in your reports.

Perform Advanced Calculations

Powerful Calculations Capability

Enables users to add calculations, logic, and comparisons within the report so that the data never needs to leave your secure SAP environment.

Manager Empowerment

Manager Empowerment

Delivers manager reports through the MSS portal.

Schedule and Email Reports

Rapid Report Distribution

Schedules and distributes reports quickly via email to selected users.

Functions Allow for Extended Functionality

  Functions Allow for Extended Functionality

Enables unlimited additional capabilities with “Functions” feature.