Direct Supply

Direct Supply is a leading provider of equipment, eCommerce and service solutions to the Senior Living profession. Direct Supply provides quality products, unmatched response to customer needs, and industry advocacy. Direct Supply is headquartered in Milwaukee.


Direct Supply needed to implement Learning and have it integrate with their current system. They stipulated that Career Development Planning integrate with the new Learning system using SAP standard integration. This allows employees to add learning activities to their own development goals from the learning catalog.


  • Direct Supply required an easy way to automatically push curricula to their employees based on different rules, so that employees would be automatically assigned to specific required course paths.
  • New hires needed to have the availability to complete training as part of the onboarding process.
  • The client also wanted to allow their employees to take a proactive role in choosing and assigning themselves training from the Learning system. To do this, employees needed to be able to search the learning catalog and view the calendar on upcoming instructor-led training.

Services Performed/Modules Implemented

  • SuccessFactors Learning Management


Using industry best practices throughout, AspireHR implemented SuccessFactors Learning Management on an advanced timeline. Through this new module, the client gained the ability to develop and edit content, deploy updates, manage with portals, and use analytics to report on a comprehensive learning program. The system ensures learning compliance and accelerates employee and business performance in a global learning course search as a part of their development plans.