First United Bank

First United offers a range of products and services to customers throughout Oklahoma and Texas and is recognized as one of the largest banking organizations in the Southwest region with assets of $2+ billion. First United is a privately held community bank with 75,000+ customers.


First United wanted to move to a more current and user friendly version of SuccessFactors. The key component included activating the new V12 Employee profile and user landing page.


  • Their legacy Performance Management process relied heavily on the time and action of the company CEO. Until he manually approved every performance review multiple times, employee compensation changes were delayed, making the process ungainly, time consuming, and expensive.
  • AspireHR was able to redesign and upgrade existing systems to improve, consolidate, and simplify the employee review process by adjusting the SuccessFactors Performance & Goals process. The user friendly interface has easy-to-read graphics that are produced to have optimal metrics and views on the goal completion process.
  • First United’s benefits from the Performance & Goals module include allowing different levels of management to review the same employee performance reviews.
  • AspireHR played two roles in this project – SuccessFactors technical resource and Trusted Advisor and sounding board to the Vice President of Organizational Development. As Trusted Advisor, we used our years of HR and business expertise to provide insight into best practices and guidance to satisfy business requirements. As technical resource, we played an integration role, collaborating with the core HRIT team resources on a solution that streamlines the candidate-to-hire process.

Services Performed/Modules Implemented

  • Revisions to Performance forms, routing process and Security
  • Enable V12 “Revolution” Employee profile and homepage
  • Update job requisition fields and permissions
  • Coordinate integration with new HRIT system
  • Assist in automating the ATS system new hires to new HRIT system


  • Streamlined performance process to allow the CEO to approve performance reviews with a single click.
  • Compensation changes made after anniversary of hire are generated through an automated report and are quickly processed.
  • A workflow map was created to inform management of employee pay changes. A CEO override was included so that he could complete the process at any step.
  • The requisitions form was adjusted to incorporate requirements of the new HRIT system security and permissions.