Shire Pharmaceuticals

With 3,500+ permanent employees worldwide and approximately 70% located in the U.S., Shire is a global specialty biopharmaceutical company with its headquarters located in Basingstoke, England. Shire was challenged by the rate at which the company was out growing its human resource technologies, undocumented internal HR processes, divergent business “best practices,” and an HR budget that exceeded expectations.


Phase 1 of the initiative was customized to lower costs and increase efficiency by unifying the HR processes into a single solution that maximized efficiencies and eliminated rework and wasted man hours while standardizing global business processes.


A team of 12 AspireHR consultants patterned with a team from Shire to implement SAP HR solutions including Organizational Management and Personal Administration modules, and paved the path for future phases of implementing ESS/MSS. These united modules achieved the desired end result that allows Shire to increase efficiency by removing dependency on outside consultants, improving a single method of data entry, and leveraging the global template thereby saving time, effort, and cost to streamline Shire’s HR and business processes on a global scale.

Services Performed/Modules Implemented

  • Personnel Administration
  • Global Organizational Management
  • Payroll interfaces for US and Canada
  • All inbound/outbound interfaces delivered through SAP XI
  • 300,000+ pieces of historical legacy converted
  • HR DataExchange
  • Employee Reporter


The project outcome was a highly scalable, customized solution that met the legal and business requirements of separate entities operating in more than 30 countries, using only 3 contexts globally. This was the first SAP E-Recruiting initiative of this kind.