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Reporting and Interfaces

Real time SAP HR/Payroll reporting and interface solution that combines Personnel Administration, Org. Management, Benefits, Time, Payroll, and Tax data. MORE>>

Accelerated Testing Tools

Dramatically reduce the time to generate realistic employee test data with randomized confidential personal data from production.  Quickly resolve issues  and payroll inconsistencies prior to go-live.

Accurate Auditing for SOX Compliance

Payroll Auditor and HR Auditor provide proactive audit tools for payroll configuration and HR Master Data.

AspireHR has developed an ABAP add-on suite of solutions for SAP HR and Payroll that allows clients to avoid “reinventing the wheel” and launches their SAP HR/Payroll system in the right direction.

Payroll LaunchSuite allows you to:

  • Enhance internal audits and SOX compliance with effective audit controls
  • Minimize payroll and tax calculation errors
  • Catch employee overpayments and deter fraud
  • Resolve payday payroll issues in a timely and effective manner
  • Reduce HR workload by reducing rework
  • Enable HR users to be self-sufficient for HR and Payroll reporting

Why accurate payroll checks matter:

Approximately 70% of the US workforce examines the items on their pay check on a regular basis 40% would have to make critical sacrifices if they did not receive their paychecks on time 60% expected to cut back on at least one routine household expense if their pay were to be interrupted

  Source: APA National
  Payroll Week Survey

QuickClone: Generate Test Data

QuickClone dramatically reduces the time to generate realistic employee test data with randomized confidential personal data from production. Using test cases with realistic data will improve the quality of your testing and ultimately lead to better, more complete business solutions and fewer production issues.

Key Benefits:

  • Saves thousands of hours annually by producing realistic test cases for testing and training
  • Encourages effective testing by reducing time, costs, and barriers to have quality testing data
  • Randomizes sensitive employee information to comply with personal data security
  • Resolves production issues quickly and without risk
  • Is independent of client copy schedule

Payroll Parallel Analyzer: Parallel Testing

This solution alerts you to payroll inconsistencies and allows you to quickly resolve issues prior to
Go-Live during implementations, upgrades, and year-end updates. Payroll Parallel Analyzer also ensures that your SAP HR system delivers payroll results that meet your business requirements. This solution identifies potential differences in payroll data and results across legacy solutions or other SAP systems in a user-friendly interactive format. It filters the “noise” of matching results and allows you to focus on resolving the causes of differences it identifies.

Key Benefits:

  • Provides management with immediate insight to make a Go/No Go Decision
  • Improves accuracy in parallel testing
  • Reduces effort and cost to perform parallel testing
  • Speed all phases on the testing methodology
  • Focuses on true problem resolution by targeting groups of employees or largest dollar discrepancies

Payroll Auditor

Payroll Auditor provides audit tools for the payroll configuration and payroll results to efficiently and effectively validate taxes, retro-calculations, arrears, and payroll checks before they are paid to employees. With Payroll Auditor, you achieve SOX compliance and avoid payday corrections, over-payments, claims, and even fraud.

Key Benefits:

  • Accurate employee pay
  • Reduced effort to resolve payroll errors and process adjustments
  • End pay-day emergencies and issuing manual checks
  • Improved audit and regulatory compliance
  • Improved data integrity

HR Auditor

HR Auditor is a set of proactive employee auditing tools for HR Master Data to catch data entry errors before they impact your employees, your company, and your HR and payroll staff.

Key Benefits:

  • Significant decrease in the amount of corrections from the previous pay period
  • Integration of auditing into daily data entry activities for everyone
  • Extended time entry and data entry period
  • Reduced payroll process time
  • Time available between payroll run and bank transfer cut off for payroll results auditing
  • Fewer pay check errors and fewer payday issues and corrections