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Smooth, automated end-to-end process

Reference Checker automates the reference checking process. It starts by collecting the Referee’s details from the candidate in the application process, then emails the Referee a personalized invitation, and finally uploads the Referee’s feedback and documents into the Candidate’s Application.


Easily accessible user friendly process for the Referee

Referees receive a personalized email invitation to provide a reference for the candidate. The web form is accessible in any browser and allows Referees to opt out if they wish to decline. Alert emails are automatically sent to the potential Referees until they decline or the reference is provided.


Fully integrated with SuccessFactors Recruiting

AspireHR’s Reference Checker is a HANA Cloud Platform SuccessFactors extension which does not require any customizations inside SuccessFactors Recruiting. It integrates seamlessly in SuccessFactors Recruiting handling the flow of emails and information to and from the Referee.