SAP Core HR modules are delivered pre-integrated to allow for the seamless transfer of data between all components and thus increase the efficiency and effectiveness of HR processes. As experts in SAP HCM, AspireHR consultants are primed to assist in the implementation of or upgrade to all SAP Core HR modules.



SAP services Talent ManagementSAP HCM modules store and organize employee master data and payroll data; these modules manage employees’ enrollment in benefits, the running of payroll, how clocked time is reported and approved, and the relationships of positions in your organizational structure.

Organizational Management (OM) and Personnel Administration (PA)

Personnel Administration stores employee master data in logical collections, such as addresses, phone numbers, or dependents, called infotypes. To create a history of employee master data, the infotypes of employee information are stored with a validity date range.


Organizational Management is a repository of the objects within a company’s organizational structure including the different companies within the main company, the various divisions, and the positions available for employees to hold. The mapping between a position and employee is shown in both the OM and PA through tight integration between the modules. The relationships between the organizational objects, when chained together, create an evaluation path that helps to identify indirect connections between objects like an employee and their manager.


The relationship between OM and PA is important for businesses processes, such as compensation planning in SuccessFactors Compensation and approving clocked time in SAP Time Management.


The SAP Benefits module is where a company’s benefits offerings are defined and eligibility requirements are configured to determine those employees who qualify for benefits enrollment.

Time Management and Payroll

SAP Personnel Time Management stores employee clocked time. The clocked time is translated from time pairs to evaluated hours that are relayed to SAP Payroll with their pay information (pay rate, wage type, etc.) from PA to run payroll.