Let’s face it, data is not just data. Some data like social security numbers, salary, addresses, eligibility for promotion, compensation history, and health data is more sensitive. Other than the obvious sensitivity and privacy concerns, this data is needed in its complete historical form in order to make sound business decisions. It is essential that your HR department is able to generate the appropriate reports for managing this data.


Data Migration and Reporting

sap_services_icon_data_migrationWhen migrating to SAP from a legacy HRIS system, it can be easy to assume that the effort will be as simple as pulling out the old data and uploading it into SAP. Unfortunately, it’s never that easy.

In many cases, the data in legacy systems is not clean. This is especially true when more than one legacy system exists. Additionally, this data often needs to be translated from one system’s “short hand” language into its SAP counterpart. After the complexities involved with mapping and documenting the data required to get business user sign-off are included, the job of data migrations can be overwhelming.

For these reasons, AspireHR has developed a comprehensive suite of data migration and reporting services. Powered by our exclusive extraction, mapping, translation and upload tool, HR DataExchange, these conversion services will eliminate the pain of conversions from your critical path and reduce your project’s risks.