At AspireHR, Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) is what we do. This focus and specialization, as well as being a user of SuccessFactors, has helped us build a reputable model for successful implementations of and releases within SuccessFactors. AspireHR has the experience and knowledge to ensure that your SuccessFactors implementation or release project is completed quickly and efficiently.


Cloud technology

sf_services_icon_implementationCloud technology allows for the seamless transfer of data and information between multiple devices in any location. SuccessFactors puts your business processes inside cloud technology and makes it possible for users to perform managerial, recruiting, and personnel actions from any device or location.

  • A recruiter in Paris, France can send a potential candidate’s profile from his PC to the position’s hiring manager in Paris, Texas on her iPhone within the SuccessFactors system.
  • An employee can update direct deposit information with their BlackBerry from the bank teller’s desk.
  • A manager can give feedback from their Android to an employee for their performance while in a long line at the DMV.

In using multiple devices from any location and with the speed associated with sharing data “in the cloud,” many worry about the security surrounding cloud technology. To calm those nerves, SuccessFactors offers access control/physical security, application security, data encryption/cryptographic controls, anti-virus security, network protection, and information security incident management. And if all of that fails, SuccessFactors also offers backups, failovers, and redundancy. Then, as a third level of protection, SuccessFactors has multiple database locations globally. With the SuccessFactors Cloud, your most sensitive business data is ensured safe.


Implementation and Releases

Whether implementing SuccessFactors for the first time or applying a new module, AspireHR can guide you through the process to project success.

AspireHR’s SuccessFactors implementation services and deployments are based on our proven client-centric methodology. Our methodology is a multi-phased approach designed to ensure a successful and on-time implementation of SuccessFactors suite. SuccessFactors customers have benefited from the flexibility, reduced risk, knowledge transfer, and on-time delivery that this methodology delivers.

Our SuccessFactors Certified Consultants can also help you turn on new functionality from SuccessFactors releases following the AspireHR methodology. SuccessFactors provides four optional releases per year, which offer enhancements and additional functionalities for your SuccessFactors system. These new features introduced should be implemented by an expert, such as an AspireHR consultant.