With the hybrid approach to SuccessFactors and SAP, an HRIS system is able to perform on a higher level of combined expertise. Talent Management for the mobilized business environment from SuccessFactors and Core HR from SAP, designed from 40+ years of experience, integrate to give any company the best from the two HRIS worlds.


HRIS Hybrid Options

sf_services_icon_integrationAs recommended from SAP, the following SuccessFactors and SAP modules are the solutions that SAP plans to continue evolving and innovating. However, SAP will maintain support for SuccessFactors Employee Central and SAP Talent Management modules through the year 2020.

SuccessFactors Modules

According to SAP, SuccessFactors is the “go-forward” solution for talent management, including Performance and Goals, Recruiting, Compensation, Learning Management with Jam, and Workforce Planning; these solutions are designed specifically for the mobilized business environment.

SAP HCM Modules

For a hybrid implementation of SAP and SuccessFactors, SAP recommends integrating Core HR from SAP, as their Core HR offers solutions designed from 40+ years of experience: Organizational Management (OM), Personnel Administration (PA), Benefits (BN), Time Management (Time), Payroll (PY), and Processes and Forms (HCMPF).


SAP recommends utilizing both SuccessFactors’ Workforce Analytics and SAP’s HANA for business analytics processes.

SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics offers over 1,700 out-of-the-box analytics and allows you to see your industry peers’ data averages based on industry, company revenue, or geographical location. This module provides concrete and actionable insights on workforce data to drive your business strategy today and help you plan for the future. SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics supplies intuitive graphic representation about important workforce statistics.

SAP HANA offers the fastest analytic computing power around. SAP HANA accomplishes business analytics (including analytics on the workforce) in a highly effective and efficient manner. HANA analytics are stored and processed in-memory, which formulates data analytics in real-time within SAP, making HANA contain the fastest analyzing power possible.

When merged, the two solutions create a powerful analytics solution that is almost impossible to duplicate. The recommended hybrid version of SAP contains the analytics speed and power of SAP HANA and the completeness and user-friendly design of SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics.


System Integration Solutions

SuccessFactors and SAP HCM are not yet delivered pre-integrated, so you will need a solution to combine the two HRIS systems. The current methods for this are file-based and process integration. For a file-based integration solution, your options are SAP’s Integration Add-On 1.0 and AspireHR’s Employee Reporter. For process integration, SAP has released Support Pack (SP) 2 for Add-On 1.0 and AspireHR supplies HR DataExchange.

SAP’s Integration Add-On 1.0

SAP created a free customer add-on, which transfers basic HR data (e.g. employment status, personnel ID, first name, last name) from SAP Core HCM modules to SuccessFactors Talent Management modules. The Add-On supports file-based integration, which is unidirectional, SAP HCM to SuccessFactors, and requires no additional SAP software.

With the release of SP 2, SAP’s Integration Add-On 1.0 supports SAP Process Integration and data can be sent bidirectionally between SAP HCM and SuccessFactors. Also, SP 2 supports the transfer of Compensation (ECM) data, including salary type, payment interval, and currency.

  • Designed by SAP
  • Implemented by an SAP Programmer
  • Requires SAP version ECC 6.0, any Enhancement Pack level
  • Payroll data not available
  • Free for customer download
AspireHR’s HR DataExchange

AspireHR’s HR DataExchange is offered as a solution for the bidirectional integration of SuccessFactors and SAP HCM without additional SAP software, such as SAP Process Integration. Furthermore, HR DataExchange is deployed as a data integration hub external to SAP and thus allows for the integration of more data sources, rather than just SAP and SuccessFactors.

  • Integration of many software options
  • SuccessFactors Talent Management and SAP Core HCM hybrid integration
  • Works with versions SAP 4.7 through SAP ECC 6.0, any Enhancement Pack level
  • Access to all SAP HCM data, including Payroll data
AspireHR’s Employee Reporter

AspireHR’s Employee Reporter is also offered as a solution for the file-based integration of SAP Core HCM and SuccessFactors Talent Management. Employee Reporter is tailored to SuccessFactors Administrators and allows for an Administrator, not an SAP Programmer, to execute and maintain Employee Reporter.

  • Simplified creation of interface files
  • Avoid SAP Programmer costs
  • Works with versions SAP 4.7 through SAP ECC 6.0, any Enhancement Pack level
  • Access to all SAP HCM data, including Payroll data