Talent Management by SuccessFactors is a comprehensive HRIS suite that focuses on improving your business. “Many software solutions, when it comes to HRIS, focus on process automation or process standardization. SuccessFactors really takes it to another level where they’re looking to make the business run better” (Chad Johnson, Partner at AspireHR). SuccessFactors Talent Management aligns employees’ goals to those of the company, optimizes their performance, and accelerates the business via enhanced productivity.


Recruiting Tools

Recruiting in SuccessFactors is composed of two elements, recruiting marketing and recruiting management, which work together to create an effective recruiting tool for your business.

Recruiting Marketing

Recruiting marketing helps your company to attract and engage better applicants for open positions. And, with the Jobs2Web acquisition, SuccessFactors allows you to push out your job postings to the right sites.

Recruiting Management

Recruiting management helps you to select and hire better candidates by creating an objective, collaborative, and mobile selection process that’s simple, yet effective. Built-in integration with SuccessFactors Jam, a social networking site for the business, enables everyone on the interview team to initiate and capture discussions about candidates.


Employee Retention Tools

SuccessFactors provides expert solutions for retaining employees that help your organization automate HR processes and make mundane operations somewhat fun. Employee Central, Performance & Goals, Compensation, Succession & Development, and Workforce Planning work cohesively to enhance employees’ career paths by allowing them greater access to their personal and career information.

Employee Central

At the core of the SuccessFactors suite is Employee Central, which is where and how all of your employees’ information is stored. All of the SuccessFactors Talent Management modules integrate in the cloud with Employee Central to link employee information to their succession plan, to the their Jam account, to their performance and goals, and so on. With this complete integration, automated HR processes communicate with each other and ultimately decrease the HR staff’s workload.

Employee Central Payroll

A hosted option that comes integrated with Employee Central, Employee Central Payroll is a global payroll solution. EC Payroll is for those companies that want to manage payroll in-house but through a cloud-based solution.  It offers the same features and benefits as SAP’s on-premise payroll solution, but includes the security, scale, and flexibility of the SuccessFactors cloud.

Performance & Goals

The Performance & Goals module of SuccessFactors has the ability to align individual employee goals with corporate and team goals and then produces easy-to-read graphics that have optimal metrics and views on the goal completion process. Your workforce creates goals with the ‘SMART Goal Wizard,’ which has 500 pre-written goals that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely (SMART) and allows for rich, formatted text. It also gives the user the options of spell check and Legal Scan.

Also, the Performance & Goals module allows different levels of management to review the same employee through 360° Reviews. Stacked Ranker allows the reviewer to see employees side-by-side, rate them on different scales, then view a dynamically sorted list, top to bottom, based on their ratings.


SuccessFactors Compensation enables the business to tie its greatest expense, employee pay, to actual results and provide intuitive planning and instant insight into key compensation and performance metrics.

Succession & Development

The Succession & Development module of SuccessFactors Talent Management plans the succession of employees based on 360° Reviews from the Performance & Goals module. Succession & Development offers features such as: side-by-side comparison, employee scorecard (metrics for each employee in a baseball card-like snapshot), talent search, and succession lineage chart (the domino effect of a succession plan).

Workforce Planning

The Workforce Planning module of SuccessFactors Talent Management helps you to avoid talent gaps in your workforce by forecasting future gaps between demand and supply of critical talent and ensuring that you have the appropriate workforce mix three, five or ten years from now.

The Workforce Planning module tracks when positions will need to be filled, whether the position is open because someone was promoted, fired, or resigned. Also, it integrates with the Succession module to advise the user on who’s the best candidate to promote to the open position.


Learning Tools

With SuccessFactors, employee training in transformed into an interactive and mobile learning environment. Learning Management seamlessly integrates with Jam, a social networking site for your business, to provide your company’s training materials to employees, no matter where they may be located.

Learning Management

The Learning Management module of SuccessFactors Talent Management is integrated with SuccessFactors Jam. That integration allows managers to set up training videos/sessions on Jam and maintain records of who has completed that training. Also, since SuccessFactors supplies cloud-based software, employees can access training support from any device, anywhere.

SuccessFactors Jam

Jam is a social networking site for your business, “think Facebook for your office” (Chad Johnson, Partner at AspireHR). The site includes profiles, groups, an activity feed, microblogging, photo and link sharing, direct messaging, and administration. These features have similar functionality to YouTube and Facebook, and that familiarity increases employee productivity.

Analytical Tools

SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics offers many out-of-the-box reports and allows you to see competitors’ data averages based on industry, revenue, or location. This module provides concrete and actionable insights on workforce data to drive your business strategy today and help you plan for the future. SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics supplies intuitive graphic representation about important workforce statistics.