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Rapid Installation

Reduces installation time from months to days and hours and requires much less oversight from IT, Payroll, and executives

  1. All Tax Reporting components (ABAP reports and screens, tables, security roles, etc.) are delivered via SAP transports.
  2. No ABAP coding is required from the client for installation or customizing.
  3. Pre-tested with hundreds of scenarios. Test results and test cases available to expedite implementation timelines.

Native to SAP

Minimizes learning curves and maximizes security with an SAP HR ABAP add-on that leverages your existing SAP HR Security roles

  1. Developed using SAP ABAP and deployed in the customer’s SAP environment. Does not require additional Software or Hardware
  2. Real time SAP HR/Payroll reporting and interface solution that combines Personnel Administration (PA), Organizational Management (OM), Benefits, Time, Payroll, and Tax data.
  3. User ability to run reports on employee and access employee data is defined by your current SAP security authorizations.
  4. The “Lookup” feature in Tax Reporting allows you to combine SAP configuration tables, client- specific configuration tables and data tables, and non-HR SAP data in your demographic reports.

Additional expert help available

AspireHR, an SAP Services Partner focused on SAP HR/Payroll since 1998, has the resources to solve any payroll or tax reporting need

  1. AspireHR is an SAP and SuccessFactors Services Partner and an Application Development partner. We also hold the prestigious SAP Active Quality Management accreditation
  2. AspireHR has a full spectrum of services from roadmap advisory, implementations, training, and change management to software solutions and ongoing support and administration.