Beware All Ye Recruiters That Enter Here…

A Cautionary Look at Some Scary Hiring Practices

Dallas, TX, October 24, 2022 — Ghastly greetings! It’s the most frightful time of the year, and this Halloween we take a disquieting gaze into the sometimes scary world of talent acquisition. From spooky recruiting processes to ghoulishly agonizing candidate experiences, here are some of the most distressing behaviors and disturbing hiring practices that will chill you to your core: 

Inefficient Paper Processes and Systems 

    • Paper documents have already been proven to be physically menacing. They can make you bleed blood, but also money and time, while causing immeasurable pain and distress. A killer of productivity, paper-based HR processes are especially dreaded within talent management. They bring about ghoulishly slow hiring processes, require more administrative souls for resourcing, and can cause perilous risk for security and inefficiency.  

Painful Scheduling and Rescheduling of Interviews  

    • Of all the ghastly processes within talent recruiting, the scheduling (and constant rescheduling) of interviews might be the most excruciatingly painful. Interview scheduling is the beastly HR version of Groundhog Day, a grim and ad nauseum redo of the constant aligning of schedules across hiring managers, interviewers, and candidates. This manual and painful process shows scary inefficiency and screams for automation.  

Agonizing Candidate Experiences 

    • The cruelty of old-school recruiting practices can result in utterly painful candidate experiences, including daunting and time-consuming application processes that drain the life out of candidates, sinister-like communications (or really, lack thereof), and an unbearably long time-to-hire. This macabre series of nightmarish experiences is worse still, when the best candidates are often overlooked or never to be found. 

With these harrowing behaviors within talent management, it may come as no surprise that popular job sites named after monsters and the like. Yet, there is hope for recruiters that wish to avoid these types of execrable situations. Contact us to learn about a recruiting solution that will automate your scheduling, bring efficiencies from sourcing to hiring, and offer freakishly amazing candidate experiences.  

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