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Power, Utilities, & Renewables

Today’s energy & natural resources companies know that powering our world means thinking beyond industry definitions to push performance boundaries, redefine markets and pursue innovation. AspireHR’s energy & natural resources experts provide your company with deep experience across the oil and gas, utilities and renewables, chemicals, mining and agribusiness sectors to deliver operational excellence and fuel strategic growth.

AspireHR has worked closely with our energy customers to address the unique and ever-changing needs and challenges of this very dynamic industry:

Key Focus Areas include:

  • Technology advances: Most energy companies are facing an aging workforce, with over 50 percent eligible to retire within the next 5 years. As the need for rapid technological response continues, the industry must respond with innovative solutions requiring new critical technical talent.
  • Real-time data driving new business opportunities: Energy companies stay competitive by getting the most out of their assets. Examples of this include alerts that let engineers drill into the details of incidents and view the performance of the asset in 3-D. These innovations are changing the workforce and skills needed. These industry changes are reinventing how HR responds to the needs of the business from sourcing the right talent, to retraining for new skills to implementing digital business processes to replace manual work.
  • Sophisticated scheduling systems: Historically, field employees spent a good deal of time driving to customer sites and completing extensive paperwork. This has changed significantly with mobile technologies. Companies can now push new work orders directly to the employees iPad while they are in the field and manage work assets within context of location reducing drive time and improving productivity. Employees need to have the information they need to respond to unique customer issues; they need the proper training to stay current on the rapidly evolving technology and they need to stay connected.
  • Safety and compliance risks: Safety and compliance is not a new issue for the industry. However, given the pace of change and the typical time to full productivity averaging about 3 years, delivering training when and where it is needed has increased.
  • Workforce Planning provides the organization with the insight to address areas of risk with the aging workforce and strategically plan succession and recruitment strategies to reduce risk
  • Mobility is essential for field employees to have the right information and training to support customer needs and improve efficiency.
  • Employee Experience is a critical area to address in the industry. Many energy organizations have not invested in their HR systems and many processes are still paper based. As the demographics shift with a greater number of millennials entering the workforce, they expect a digital employees experience, from applying to jobs via their mobile devices to learning, to career development. To compete for the limited technical skills set.

Power, Utilities, & Renewables

Here are some of the power, utilities, & renewables clients we have worked with during the last several years:

  • Allegheny Energy
  • BWXT
  • Centerpoint Energy
  • NW Natural
  • Dominion Energy
  • Energy Future Holdings Corp
  • Iberdrola Renewables, LLC
  • AT&T/SBC
  • T-Mobile

“Most of our staff is comprised of executive level sales and support staff. Getting them to adopt new technology is never an easy feat. AspireHR provided tools that helps us to stay organized that are easy to use and people like them.”

- VP Human Resources - Devon Energy