Is it really “all about that base”? Here’s why some job seekers revel in the gravy.

Beverly Ibarrola VP Marketing AspireHR     Beverly Ibarrola, VP Marketing at AspireHR

Today's job seekers are looking for more than base salaries.

Dallas, TX, Nov 21, 2022 — Gravy, it’s just one of the many splendors of a traditional Thanksgiving feast. And despite the prep involved with other dishes, it’s sometimes the gravy that can steal the show. At a minimum, it can make or break it. Case in point: Serving an overcooked turkey without gravy is like serving a bad case of dry mouth. But, add in the free-flowing goodness of rich, savory gravy, and everybody – servers and eaters alike – will be happy. Leftover mashed potatoes, for sure, are just not the same without it. 

As the holiday season approaches and with labor needs at high demand, the hunt for seasonal workers has started. For job seekers, the market is ripe with opportunity. From shipping to retail, hundreds of thousands of individualsare about to get hired. Some seasonal workers might also find a full-time offer at the end of it all. Of course, thousands more outside of these sectors are also looking for the perfect job. According to a recent survey by BlueCrew, 65% of Americans foresee themselves looking for new opportunities in the coming months and 70% of Americans are looking for extra work to combat inflation. In short, there is a huge opportunity to find and hire some amazing talent.

So, how does a company attract the talent they need? Well, just like at Thanksgiving dinner, one can never have enough gravy –or- enough time to cook it. Enter the gravy base…

What exactly is gravy base?

Well, to some it is used as a flavorful starter. Something that helps you prepare rich, savory gravy in little-to-no time.It can also add that extra “Je ne sais quoi” (yes, I took French in school) to further enhance the delicious flavor of made-from-scratch gravies. 

Most recruiters have such a starter in their cookbook, and it is something that most job seekers want to know from the get-go. That is, base pay. Base pay is the minimum fixed amount an employee will receive before taxes, not including any benefits or bonuses. For recruiters, there is a value in being upfront with the base salary range, especially since it is the deciding factor for 67% of job seekers. ( With human nature as it is, and the current job market at play, most of us want the best base AND more. We want a heaping spoonful of extra gravy. 

For potential candidates, this extra gravy could mean an abundance of PTO days, 401k matching, comprehensive insurance coverage, and the like. It could also mean finding a role where you feel satisfied with the work you do or finding a great manager that appreciates your commitment to quality. It could be that you see a path for upskilling and career growth. It could mean working for a leadership team that supports a healthy work-life balance by supporting your need to work remotely or offering flexible work hours for daycare drop-offs and pick-ups.

We all have different motivating factors when it comes to job hunting. Literally no one (ever) wants to go through rounds of interviews, fulfill background checks, get hired, and learn the ropes of a new gig just be discontented in a few months’ time and on the hunt for a new job once again. Selecting the right company with the right gravy is important. For companies, a great gravy delivers an amazing sticky factor.

What is the gravy situation at AspireHR?

At AspireHR we are fortunate to have a ton of gravy. Our company invests heavily in its people, and our employees-first approach has created a workplace culture comprised of a high-performing team squarely focused on client success. Our gravy situation is bountiful. Here are some examples:

• Giving each employee a renewable, monthly stipend to recognize peers for over-and-above efforts

• Hosting an annual conference to help strengthen relationships and celebrate successes together

• Building a tech stack that maximizes efficiencies and improves productivity

• Stocking our Dallas headquarters with fresh fruit, snacks, and happy hour essentials

• Investing in our people, and offering career growth and development opportunities

• Working on innovative technologies and solutions that deliver amazing results to our clients

And to be fair to AspireHR, this is just a small spoonful of gravy that we serve.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. AspireHR has been recognized by Comparably with four major workplace awards in 2022, including Best Compensation, Best Perks and Benefits, Best CEOs for Women, and Best Career Growth. Plus, AspireHR has also been adorned by Comparably with an A+ culture rating. All these ratings were derived from anonymous employee reviews.

Everyone loves a great base salary, and no doubt that’s important. But if your company dishes out a great gravy be sure to bring that up to potential candidates as soon as possible. It might deliver that next-level umami you need to convert a qualified candidate to an amazing new hire. 

(For the record, at our holiday gatherings, gravy is an all-day affair. My mom makes the gravy. It’s the best and remains a trade secret.)