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Kickstarting Digital Transformation for State, Local, and Educational (SLED) Agencies

Thursday February 18, 2021-9:19 pm CST

Forward-thinking leaders are constantly looking for smart solutions that drive results and better position their businesses to readily adapt to change. With remote workforces as the new norm, it’s more important than ever to leverage the power of digital transformation to streamline operations, eliminate manual processes, and make smart business decisions based on complete and accurate data.


The stakes have never been higher in for those in State, Local, and Education (SLED). For many of these organizations, operating in remote environments with digital processes was once a distant goal. However, for those not already on the path, a pivot is now in place. Organizations of all sizes now see an urgency in creating and implementing digital transformation strategies to ensure readiness and help their businesses more easily adapt to unpredictable change.


And, while it may appear daunting to move away from manual, established processes, taking the first step towards companywide digital transformation can be simplified with the right implementation partner. AspireHR can help SLED organizations easily kickstart this digital transformation in preparation for a smarter, data-driven future with SAP® Concur®.


AspireHR, an SAP Gold Partner and one of the first Human Experience Management (HXM) specialty firms to receive the SAP Intelligent Enterprise Certification, is proud to be one of the only HR-focused SAP partners to bring SAP Concur’s automated and integrated processes to state, local, and educational organizations in North America.


For SLED organizations, automated, cloud-based SAP® Concur® solutions can enhance productivity and help employees, whether remote or onsite, to stay focused on the jobs they were hired to do.  With SAP® Concur®, organizations can make smart spend decisions based on complete and accurate expense data, plus benefit from:


  • Faster approvals and reimbursements
  • Streamlined and simplified workflows
  • Easy enforcement of spending policies
  • Eliminating manual processes and lost receipts
  • Enhancing productivity and improving the employee experience

AspireHR is a trusted partner of choice to those in regulated industries and an effective advisor for all businesses looking to digitally transform. To learn how SAP® Concur® solutions can smoothly integrate into HR systems, or to explore the benefits of SAP Concur solutions for travel, expense, and invoice, reach out to the AspireHR’s Team at:


Beverly Ibarrola