AspireHR Payroll LaunchSuite™

AspireHR Payroll LaunchSuite offers you five solutions for the optimization of your SAP HR/Payroll system.

Streamline Your Payroll Processes with AspireHR Payroll LaunchSuite

AspireHR Payroll LaunchSuite offers powerful solutions for the implementation and optimization of your SAP HR/Payroll system.

Improve accuracy and productivity through its payroll and HR auditing capabilities, leverage quality test data and perform parallel testing, and empower individuals with custom data reporting. AspireHR Payroll LaunchSuite has the features you need to ensure payroll operates smoothly.


Payroll Auditing

Validate taxes, arrears, retro-calculations, and payroll checks before they are paid to employees, thereby avoiding payday corrections, over-payments, claims, and even fraud.

HR Auditing 

Proactively audit the HR Master Data to catch data entry errors before they impact your employees, your company, and your payroll staff. 

Quality Test Data

Quickly and easily generate realistic test data and test business scenarios that otherwise could never be tested prior to production.

Reports and Interfaces 

Dramatically increase productivity by empowering functional users to create. 

Parallel Testing

Avoid costly mistakes by thoroughly testing the readiness of your payroll solution prior to Go-Live or yearend updates. Parallel Payroll Analyzer provides the management reports that confirm your readiness.

We provide you peace of mind with audit controls and reporting insights. AspireHR Payroll LaunchSuite will help minimize errors, detect and deter fraud, and reduce the need for rework by enabling tools for HR users to be self-sufficient.  The Payroll LaunchSuite also ensures SOX compliance for a peaceful year-end. With user-friendly reporting and testing tools, you can find and correct payroll issues prior to them impacting your employees or company.