AspireCon: 5 Key Takeaways From Our Companywide Event

AspireCon: 5 Key Takeaways From Our Companywide Event

Wednesday May 18, 2022-2:21 pm CST

For the first time in two years, AspireHR brought the entire team together for AspireCon, a 3-day companywide teambuilding and employee development event in Dallas, TX.  At AspireCon, we focused on meeting new team members, building bonds, and strengthening our ability to lead and communicate with one another.

It was an amazing opportunity to learn, connect, and grow. For those currently planning or considering a companywide event, the positive takeaways are numerous and noteworthy. This article shares 5 key takeaways our team experienced from attending AspireCon:

There’s no  alternative to bringing the team together in person.

The AspireHR Team is great about keeping cameras on during virtual meetings. This creates better connection and engagement as well as keeping us focused and accountable. But, as much we try to recreate live, in-person conversations over Zoom and Microsoft Teams, there is simply no substitute for seeing, meeting, and experiencing fun-filled memories with one another in person. AspireCon helped us to connect and build stronger relationships with one another.

We all communicate differently, and understanding each other’s communication style helps to build strong bonds and trust.

Knowing how each person best communicates can help us to effectively get work done faster and more efficiently. It can also help us build strong bonds and trust with one another. By analyzing the results of the True Colors personality assessment, we were able to understand our personal communication styles and the impact of various communication style preferences on others.

In leadership, it’s better to trust and inspire than command and control.

Stephen M.R. Covey, best-selling author of ‘Speed of Trust’, and who also just released his new book, ‘Trust & Inspire’, was a featured speaker at AspireCon. Stephen has made it his life’s work to understand trust in leadership and organizations and explained how truly great leaders unleash greatness in others with a leadership style of “Trust and Inspire”, moving from position to influence, from controlling to trusting, and from motivation to inspiration.

Investing in your employees is smart business.

Most people think of compensation, benefits, and training when it comes to companies investing in their  people. In the case of AspireHR, and AspireCon in particular,  we invest in teambuilding exercises, as well as leadership and communication development across all roles, strengthening bonds with colleagues and creating long-lasting, fun memories.

There’s nothing better than hearing about our successes directly from our clients and partners.

It’s always motivating to hear about our company successes, but there’s just nothing better than hearing about our successes directly from clients and partners. Listening to our guest speakers at AspireCon, including Deanna Samaha from BlueTriton and Colleen Chulis at SAP SuccessFactors, helped us to better personalize and appreciate the larger impact and results of our work. It also inspires thoughtful approaches and additional ways that we can continue to add value within the HCM space through innovative accelerators, software, and services.

All-in-all, the team left AspireCon with a sense of belonging, stronger bonds, informed and in alignment with our company goals,  and inspired to become the best version of ourselves. For this reason, we are all looking forward to the next AspireCon in 2023!

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