An intern’s Perspective on AspireHR

Check out the exciting work our summer interns are doing, and what they look forward to in the remaining weeks of their internships.

Tuesday, July 2022-2:06 PM CST

AspireHR's 2022 Summer Interns

It has been a month since our summer interns joined the AspireHR team in Dallas, TX. They have been learning new skills, working hard on new projects, and getting exposed to different facets of their respective lines of business. Each intern was asked to give their perspective on AspireHR for this article. Let’s see what they have been up to!   

BRADY NELSON – University of Oklahoma, Finance Intern  

At AspireHR, Brady has been learning about the day-to-day operations on the finance side of the company. He describes AspireHR as a very relaxed and welcoming work environment, where one does not have to feel nervous when asking for help. He feels as if the employees are “there to help him grow”, which he appreciates a lot. Through this internship, Brady hopes to gain real-world experience, with the opportunity to grow as a student and a person overall. He also aims to learn more about the ins and outs of the company on the financial side in order to prepare him for a finance career after graduation.  

ANANYA SUDESH – University of Texas at Dallas, Products Intern  

In her first few weeks at AspireHR, Ananya has been gaining knowledge on multiple ongoing projects and has been able to learn new technologies and applications. Ananya describes her work environment as an “excellent place full of co-workers who are very warm and welcoming”. She appreciates how everyone is always open to new ideas and thoughts. Through this internship, Ananya hopes to utilize her technical and analytical skills while also gaining additional knowledge of different applications that are used by AspireHR. 

AIDAN HIEBER – Southern Methodist University, Managed Services Intern  

At AspireHR, Aidan has been learning about how a service organization is run and what leads it to its success. Aidan describes his work environment as “a great company with exciting opportunities as the firm expands and takes on more clients”. Through this internship, Aidan hopes to learn more from the AspireHR Managed Services team and the company as a whole to further his knowledge on how to operate and grow a successful business. 

RAJIA KHAN – University of Texas at Austin, Marketing Intern  

At AspireHR, Rajia has been learning about the various ways that marketing contributes to a company’s success and growth. She has been working on multiple projects that utilize different technical skills in order to gain a sense of what area of marketing is most appealing to her. Rajia describes her work environment as “a very welcoming place with many friendly faces who always want to help her advance in her projects”. Through this internship, Rajia hopes to acquire skills that can help her in her future career, while gaining real world experience on how to work within a team to achieve company success. 

JESSICA JOU – Southern Methodist University, Strategic Services Intern  

These past few weeks at AspireHR, Jessica has been acquiring knowledge on internal and external management strategies. She is also enjoying learning about the various technologies and services that AspireHR provides to their clients. She describes AspireHR as “a welcoming work environment and culture” and she “appreciates everyone wanting to help her learn and grow”. From this internship, Jessica aims to gain technical and soft skills that will be applicable to her future, professionally and personally. 

We are very excited to see our summer interns continue to advance in their learning and grow in their roles!