Top 10 Compelling Features of AspireHR Recruiting That’s Sure to Maximize Your SuccessFactors Investment

If your business is currently on a journey with SAP, AspireHR Recruiting’s feature-rich suite of capabilities will elevate your recruiting game to delight recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates alike.   

Top Ten Features of AspireHR Recruiting

Dallas, TX, Jan. 17, 2023 — There’s a new way for businesses to maximize their SAP SuccessFactors investments, roll out the latest in recruiting technologies, and deliver amazing recruiter and candidate experiences. If your business is currently on a journey with SAP, AspireHR Recruiting’s feature-rich suite of capabilities will elevate your recruiting game to delight recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates alike.   

A product of AspireHR Innovation Labs, our team of HR experts surveyed some of the brightest minds in the industry to understand the critical challenges facing recruiters and to create an advanced recruiting solution that complements SAP SuccessFactors by significantly expediting the time it takes to attract, identify, and engage the right talent.   

Here’s AspireHR Recruiting’s top 10 “wow worthy” features that complement SAP SuccessFactors: 

  1. Enhanced Mobile Capabilities – Hiring great talent is an around-the-clock job. With its mobile-first design, AspireHR Recruiting expands upon the SAP SuccessFactors mobile feature set with capabilities like video interviewing, automated interview scheduling, and stunning dashboards available across all devices, giving recruiters what they need for on-the-go decisions. 
  1. Advanced Video Interviewing Tools: From interview pools with personalized scheduling automation, to candidate sentiment analysis, visual word clouds, and video interview playback, AspireHR Recruiting offers all the tools recruiters need to easily compare candidates and make a successful hire. 
  1. Recruiting Chatbot: Reduce the recruiting team’s workload and give them more time to focus on people. AspireHR’s fully automated chatbot helps your recruiting team tackle more, faster with features like chatbot candidate screening and chatbot Q&A engagement. 
  1. Powerful Interview Screening and Scheduling Automation: AspireHR Recruiting reduces the burden of administrative tasks by eliminating manual efforts such as the scheduling (and rescheduling) of candidate interviews. This frees up time for recruiters to focus on building relationships with candidates, but also makes for a happier workforce.  
  1. Tunable Candidate Indexing with an AI Engine for Candidate Sourcing – AspireHR’s powerful AI engine quickly finds and matches high-potential candidates to open positions. It’s designed with powerful analytics including a quality match index and candidate sentiment analysis to quickly identify stand-out talent.  
  1. Improved Candidate Experience: From AI-assisted profile creation and easy multi-apply functionality, to a mobile-friendly dashboard for status updates and real-time interview booking, AspireHR Recruiting offers an unparalleled candidate experience.  
  1. Blind Screening, Transcription, and Real-Time Bias Detection: AspireHR Recruiting offers blind screening and transcription capabilities. It also offers real-time bias detection to help remove potential bias in the first stages of the recruiting process, promoting diversity and ensuring corporate DEI goals. 
  1. Custom Candidate Workflows: AspireHR Recruiting gives recruiters the flexibility to create custom interview workflows and candidate pipelines that avoid costly bottlenecks and slow approval processes. 
  1. Advanced Automation and Streamlined Processes: AspireHR Recruiting eliminates time-consuming and administrative tasks by leveraging the power of automation and AI, streamlining sourcing, screening, interview scheduling, as well as candidate analysis and correspondence.  
  1. Visually Stunning, Real-Time Dashboards and Custom Reporting:  AspireHR Recruiting makes reporting effortless. It gives recruiters powerful, real-time dashboards and analytics that track open job opportunities and candidate pipelines. With its custom reporting capabilities and integrated dashboards, recruiters can easily identify recruiting trend and make strategic decisions with confidence. 

AspireHR offers many more capabilities that enhance the recruiting experience. Check out more features of AspireHR Recruiting in the SAP Store or visit

To view a short video highlighting some of AspireHR Recruiting’s next-gen features, visit: AspireHR Recruiting in 30s