Bridging the Gap with BioBridge Global

BioBridge Global, a biotech company local to Texas, began shopping for new SAP SuccessFactors consultants in 2020. Their needs had extended beyond their current payroll system, and its support partners charged heavily for an inflexible implementation process. BioBridge Global’s Laura Eickhoff and her team, after learning about AspireHR’s local, woman-owned shop, went on to lobby for space in the budget for the partnership and officially signed with AspireHR in [January] 2023.

In a 16-week deployment, AspireHR has successfully implemented Employee Central through the Diamond Client package in what has been described as an “absolutely uneventful, perfect transition.”

The Story of BioBridge Global

BioBridge Global has worked “to save and enhance lives through the healing power of human cells and tissue.” This family of nonprofits began over 45 years ago and includes South Texas Blood & Tissue, QualTex Laboratories, and GenCure. BioBridge Global, the parent organization, was formed in 2013 and oversees the hundreds of employees between the subsidiaries.

In its recent efforts to transition from manual to automated processes, BioBridge Global implemented standard record-keeping software across all subsidiaries. As part of its mission to provide an array of blood services to patients, this was an important step toward a more unified and efficient company. With its patient-service operations made more efficient, BioBridge Global then turned to the task of improving corporate operations, specifically within human resources.

The Challenge of Employee Requisitions

After outgrowing their legacy, on-prem Core HR software, long-time SAP SuccessFactors customer BioBridge Global partnered with AspireHR to achieve a single HR software platform through the implementation of Employee Central. The primary goal was to streamline hiring processes by facilitating the transfer of new hire data between Recruiting, Onboarding, and EC. Another desirable outcome was obtained by empowering managers to open employment requisitions directly in EC, thanks to the position management function. This new functionality has created more visibility with respect to the fulfillment of both budgeted and unbudgeted vacancies.

Finally, the EC implementation has consolidated all employee demographic data, as well as employment and compensation history data, under one roof.

BioBridge Global had been using SAP Core to house its HR data and had to utilize a daily interface process to ensure the data in SuccessFactors was kept current. The entirety of BioBridge Global’s HR data was also loaded onto a local server, which fueled retrieval and security concerns. Data organization suffered as HR managers lacked direct access to their team members’ personal and work information.

Why BioBridge Global Chose AspireHR

Laura Eickhoff and her team started a period of intensive research into a new implementation company. When a consultant recommended AspireHR to Eickhoff, she appreciated that AspireHR was local and woman-owned. AspireHR’s size also allowed it to focus more on the needs of each customer and actively embrace customized implementation processes. After an introductory consultation and a demo, Eickhoff was sold. She and her team waited three years for the budget to open and then hired AspireHR in 2023 for implementation services.

How AspireHR Responded

One of the lead consultants working with BioBridge Global was Alice Acosta. Alice helped implement SAP Employee Central and retrofit AspireHR Recruiting, Onboarding 1.0, SAP Compensation, LMS, and integrate Outbound to ADP Payroll. Retrofitting included fully configurable ESS/MSS that empowered employees and managers to own their data, workflows that can be attached to each ESS/MSS scenario for auditing and approvals, as well as organization charts to improve company-wide clarity, and reporting and analytics.

Using AspireHR SmartSuite™, AspireHR extracted historical data from their SAP on-premise HR solution. Alice and her team loaded three years of employee information into a custom portlet in Employee Central to serve both viewing and reporting functions. The remaining data was given to BioBridge Global for storage in a data lake.

AspireHR’s Diamond Client Methodology was used to deliver a high-quality, efficient implementation process with minimal refinement necessary. BioBridge Global was proactive in providing working solutions and requirements, which allowed AspireHR to provide business process maps, a change management toolkit, and training materials quickly to jumpstart BioBridge Global’s end user and change management processes.

The Results

Eickhoff, who had been with BioBridge for nine years, called this the “smoothest implementation [she’s] gone through,” and she “felt very well supported by AspireHR.” AspireHR’s professionally certified consultants worked diligently with BioBridge to complete implementation in 16 weeks. Eickhoff noted, “When we open tickets [with AspireHR] we get a quick turnaround.”

After working closely with AspireHR to help transform BioBridge Global’s HR systems and processes, Eickhoff and her team have been more than satisfied with AspireHR’s work ethic and professionalism. To businesses looking to improve their HR processing, she addresses the following:

“We would gladly recommend [AspireHR] to any peer who wants to implement SuccessFactors, and especially EC.”

AspireHR has over two decades of experience transforming companies and empowering the most important part of every organization: its people. For top-of-the-line HCM solutions and support, please reach out here!